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JJM Boiler Works, Inc., Easthampton, MA. is pleased to announce the addition of a new acidic condensate pH treatment tank. The NBT-23 unit can be floor or wall mounted and is rated up to 300 MBH @ a maximum flow rate of 2.40 GPH. The NBT-23 blue colored tank is made of polypropylene and rated at 140F constant; it also features a removable see through polycarbonate cover for easy serviceability.

Features include PVC ¾” socket and ¾” Barb fittings as standard equipment, Steel wall mounting brackets, Steel safety hold down bolts and nuts, a removable Porous pH Power Pellet™ Bag for ease of pellet replacement, and an ABS baffle plate. There is no need for piping” unions” since the tank itself has removable fittings. The outlet port is a low 3.0” on center from the floor and the inlet port is a very low 7/8” on center from the floor.

For the Wholesaler the NBT-23 can replace four current SKUs, the JM-2, JM-2C, JM-3, and JM-3C. Although JJM will continue to produce those models, we believe the NBT-23 is a much better value and much easier for the technicians to service and install.


The current production schedule for the NBT-23 is January 18, 2016. Please see us at the Orlando, Florida AHR Trade show Jan. 25-27, 2016.


Please contact us or our New England Wholesale representative Dyson Associates @ 860-305-3714.

Coming in February of 2016 we will introduce the NBT-610 and the NBT-230 units which will replace the JM-6, JM-10, JM-20, and JM-30 inline units. Both will have similar benefits of the NBT-23.

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