The new NBT-23 pH treatment tank advantages:

  • Rating of 1 to 300 MBH MAX.
  • Flow rate of 0 to 2.4 GPH MAX.
  • Low outlet profile @ 3.0” from floor
  • Low inlet profile @ 7/8” from floor
  • PVC Socket and barb fittings standard
  • No pipe unions required
  • Easy replacement media bag
  • One media bag per NBT-23
  • Clear tank cover
  • No need for clear inline tubes
  • Safety cover hold down bolts and nuts
  • Floor mounting or wall mounting
  • Wall mounting brackets standard
  • Ratings replace the JM-2, JM-2C, JM-3, and JM-3C
  • One SKU vs. Four inline tube SKUs
  • Polypropylene Tank 140F Constant
  • Polycarbonate Clear Cover
  • Standard two year warranty on NBT-23


NEW:   Model NBT-23 pH Treatment Tank


Model NBT-23
Rating / MBH 1 to 300 MBH
Flow Rating 0 to 2.4  GPH
Inlet Port Size / PVC ¾” Socket
Inlet Port Size / Barb ¾” I.D. Barb
Outlet Port Size / PVC ¾” Socket
Outlet Port Size / Barb ¾” I.D. Barb
Mounting / Horizontal Floor or  Wall
Cover Plate Clear Polycarbonate
Tank Blue Polypropylene
Gasket EPDM Flat Gasket
Wall Brackets Steel
Baffle Plate ABS Plastic
Lock Nuts ABS Plastic
Cover Hold Down Bolt & Nut 8-32 x ½”  / 8-32 Nut Steel
Active Ingredient / pH Power Pellets™ /  by JJM™ Boiler Works, Inc. Magnesium Hydroxide Pellets
Dimensions 11-3/4”L x 4-3/4”W x 4-7/8” H
Inlet Port Height 7/8”    On Center
Outlet Port Height 3.0”    On Center


All listed are standard equipment